Welcome to the ELSWOOD GROUP

Elswood Group B.V. is an independent platform for the introduction, sales and distribution of hi-
tech medical solutions and is a strong partner for medical manufacturers that bring innovative,
practice changing solutions to the medical market.

Over the years, we have successfully introduced a product range including diagnostic and
therapeutic devices used by a.o. Radiologists, Nuclear Medicine, Breast Surgeons,
Radiotherapists and Gynaecologists for selected cancers. Elswood has a strong presence and
broad network within the arena of radiology, radiation therapy, oncology, surgery and

Our aim is to work close to both our suppliers and clients to meet their expectations. Our core
value lies in the ability to understand the specific opportunities at the intersection of
consumer/customer needs, industry trends and the ability to deliver.

Apart from Sales and Distribution, Elswood endeavors to set up and manage multi-center
medical trials in concert with our manufacturers and well-established medical institutions. We
also have experience in supporting registration procedures. We understand the logistic
challenges and know the tax implications for intrtoductions.

To contact Elswood and explore what we can do for you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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