Iodine-125 seeds
and Gamma Probe

Localization sources for breast and sentinel node

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Elswood Group stands for reliability. We are an independent platform for innovation of medical products.


Our products are CE-certified and meet the safety requirements for nuclear medical products.

Satisfied customers

Radiologists, clinical physicists, and surgeons in hospitals and clinics around the world have been working with and relying on our products for a long time.


Localization Sources

Jodium-125 zaadjes

Iodine-125 seeds by IsoAid®

  • radioactivity of 9, 4 or 2 MBq
  • actual radioactivity readable on a scale
  • stays put after placing
  • superiour visibility with gamma probe
  • comes pre-loaded in a needle
Naalden met Jodium-125 zaadjes

Needles loaded with Iodine-125 seeds

  • designed for high accuracy
  • choose between 5cm, 7cm or 12cm needles
  • sharp, fine and rigid
  • seed comes loose at the perfect moment
  • delivered in a lead pouch
Wired and wireless

Gamma Probe System

Care Wise Apollo Monitor and Probe

C-Trak Apollo

  • OmniProbe® C-Track Apollo Gammaprobes by Southern Scientific Ltd.
  • superior sensitivity and directionality
  • easy switching between isotopes
    such as Tc-99m and I-125
  • with collimator optimized for head-neck procedures
  • Multiple probes
  • wireless or wired probe connectivity to meet all preferences
  • directionality allows for less invasive dissections

CE-certificate prolonged!

The European Union has decided to extend the transition period in which manufacturers have the opportunity to certify their product according to the Medical Devices Regulations (MDR).

This means that a conditional CE approval will remain valid until December 2027.

The IsoAid I-125 seeds and needles fully meet these requirements and are a reliable product with a recognized certificate.

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