Iodine-125 seeds

A high quality product by IsoAid®

The advantages

  • titanium Capsule with large, silver marker
  • proven design
  • high visibility on CT and Fluoro
  • superior visibility with a Gamma Probe
  • excellent dosimetry
  • radioactivity of 9, 4 or 2 MBq
  • actual radioactivity readable on a scale
  • stays put after placing
  • comes pre-loaded in a needle
  • listed in the joint AAPM/RPC registry of Brachytherapy sources
Jodium-125 zaadjes
Naalden geladen met I-125 zaadjes klein

Pre-loaded needles

The needles into which the iodine seeds are loaded have been developed in collaboration with practitioners themselves and tested for practical use.

The needle is thin, sharp and has optimal stiffness to bring the seed to the right place. A special glue ensures that the seed only detaches from the needle at the desired moment.

Sterility is guaranteed for 180 days.

Detectie I-125 zaadje

less invasive for the patient

Jodiumbronnen als alternatief voor draadlokalisatie heeft drie voordelen:

  • little chance of dislocation
  • more flexibility in planning follow-up treatments
  • less invasive for the patient


The I-125 seeds are produced according to current safety requirements and under the control of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and Radiological Physics Center (RPC). 

The seeds are CE-certified


This low radioactivity localization source requires careful delivery planning, packaging and shipping. We work together with our logistics partner Special Cargo Services.

The needles are packed in sterile lead pouches for safe transport.

Loden etui

Our services

With each order we deliver:


  • a decay chart telling you the activity on each day
  • a lead pouch for safe and easy transport of individual needles
  • an independent ADCL calibrated assay in accordance with AAPM TG-43
  • a safe disposal return option for the used seeds and lead pouches

Distribution in the Netherlands

Elswood is IsoAid's trading partner for Europe. In the Netherlands we are responsible for the distribution and sale of IsoAid Iodine-125 seeds.

Questions about our products? 

We are happy to help you.


IsoAid, the manufacturer of the Iodine-125 seeds, specializes in tumor localization and brachytherapy. IsoAid has years of experience in the production and development of various isotope products. The Iodine-125 seeds have been on the market since 2002 and are approved for safe use in or near breast tumours.

Care Wise Apollo Monitor and Probe

Gamma probe

For the detection of Iodine-125 seeds we have used the C-Trak Apollo Wireless and Wired Gamma Probe System from Southern Scientific.

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