Contributing to a solution for people with breast cancer

That's what motivates us

Innovative solutions

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of modern oncology and to provide patients with the best possible care. With years of experience in the industry, we have specialized in the development of high quality medical products and technologies that contribute to the effective treatment of breast cancer.

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Kees Groenenboom, oprichter van Elswood


In 2009 I founded Elswood to provide a platform for innovative start-ups in the medical world. Here I mainly focus on companies outside Europe that I can introduce quickly and efficiently with my built-up network. This gives new techniques from smaller companies a chance to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Kees Groenenboom


We specialize in radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
Wij brachten al diverse innovatieve toepassingen op de markt voor de diagnose en behandeling van borstkanker.

Setting up trials

We have experience in setting up and supporting scientific trials of cooperating university hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad. We do this in collaboration with the manufacturer and renowned medical institutes.

Knowledge and connections

Our strength lies in the combination of knowledge of technical innovations and European legislation and regulations in the field of medical equipment and aids. In addition, we can rely on a close-knit network throughout Europe.

Distribution in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we are responsible for the distribution of the needles with I-125 seeds. To this end, we work closely with a specialist in the storage and transport of radioactive sources.


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